iSuper car

iSuper Car

The iSuper Car app turns your iPhone,iPod touch, or iPad into a great remote controller for an iSuper Car, which will let you experience the thrill of driving a car via your iPhone,iPod touch, iPad and Android devices!

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iSuper Car

iSuper Ferrari race car gets you out of the grandstand and into the driver's seat of your own Ferrari 599 GTO, one of the most coveted sports cars ever built. Your iPhone, iPod Touch,iPad or Android device becomes the dashboard when you take this 1:24 scale model version out for a drive. You can touch the phone screen or tilting the smart device to get full control over the car. Tilt the device forward or backward with big angle will make it run or reverse faster. The app offers you 16 speed levels to choose from, so experienced drivers and beginners can all take turns at the fun. You'll even experience the thrills and chills of off-road stunt driving with this vehicle that's can speed through your house, and up and down the driveway at a speed of 6 ft/s.

Simply download the free app "iSuperCar" from App store or Google Play, turn on your Bluetooth on your device, pair and connect to the toy, you are ready to race.

The app controlled Ferrari race car comes with many great features for you to enjoy:

Easier to drive, you can choose the way that is comfortable for you:

-Virtual joystick: Use a virtual joystick and throttle on your device to maneuver the race car

- Motion: Tilt your device to steer, tilt forward then the car go forward, tilt backward, the car reverse, tilt the device to any direction, the car will

go along that direction, With our creative design, tilting the device can change both the speed and the direction simultaneously, that makes driving incredibly easy.

Better performance:
The real-time Bluetooth control from the smart phone or tablet makes the car super responsive, always act precisely, it seems like the car is able to well
read your mind.

More fun to play with, the fabulous app truly makes the car different, so versatile and amazing.

Record the running details that include path and actions to the smart phone or tablet, later the car can do an auto-drive to repeat the recorded activities, just like a driverless car.

Race with your friends using the stopwatch function to measure your racing score by time.

16 speed levels to adjust for drivers with different experience, you can always challenge yourself level by level. Faster speed will let the car run on the thick carpet.A live speed meter will show the current speed, no speeding, alert for the cops!

Listen to your favorite music from the app during the driving.

This cool Ferrari car sure will put smiles on your face, car lovers who want a new interactive R/C experience driving his/her favorite car with Smart phone or tablet shouldn't wait.