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The future of lighting control

iRainbow smart lighting offers security, convenience, ambiance and energy savings. With it, you can automate the lighting control of your entire home or office, and customize your own lights to do as you please, right from your smartphone or tablet.

The ultimate DIY lighting control

Just replace your existing bulb with an iRainbow bulb, and itís at your command with a tap on the phone, no need to fiddle the wall switch or lamp switch anymore, light control has never been this easier.

RGB color effect

Customize beautiful scenes and fancy effects to make your nighttime more romantic, enjoy the ambiance of automatic flashing and Disco light feature.

Alarm and Home security features

The iRainbow can wake you up in a less irritating fashion. Set the time for it to light up or flash in white or RGB color, waking you up naturally, with no sound. You can even schedule automatic on and off times for home security purpose while travelling.

Remote control via mobile internet

iRainbow uses cloud service which enables you to control the bulbs over 3G/4G/LTE mobile internet while you are away from home. One smart phone can control up to 50 LED bulbs through one gateway at a time. One bulb can be controlled by multiple smart phones or tablets simultaneously.